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The Orphaned Wolf

Chapter 1: Across the Sea

‘Kyle’ was a 13 year old light gray male wolf, living in ‘New York City’ in the month of January, 1950. But he was not just any wolf, he was a street orphan. In August of 1945, before the end of ‘World War 2’, Kyle was living far outside the city with his parents, when their house was bombed. His parents had him hide in the stables. While the parents were getting supplies from the house, a plane flew over and dropped a bomb right over the house. Kyle saw the explosion, his eyes widened and tears flowed from them as he got in a corner and gripped his legs while keeping his head down, knowing that his parents were gone.

After a while he heard a tank come in with the Nazis symbol on the side. Kyle became scared and ran away from the home. Since then, he’s been living on the streets of New York, fending for himself. Kyle had been living o the streets of New York for over four years with nothing, but the ragged clothes he was wearing which consisted of a t-shirt, hat, open finger gloves, pants, scarf, shoes and a light jacket and had several holes in them. Kyle had no choice, but to steal from the local markets to survive. On days when the local markets had lots of customers, Kyle would only steal a bottle of milk, an apple, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

During the fall and winter, Kyle would hide out in an old warehouse. He made sure to find one that was well insulated so it wouldn’t get too cold and also have a blanket on him. When spring and summer came around, he would stay in an abandoned shack or broken down boat near the river. That way he could get himself clean at any time and the same for his clothes. Kyle would sometimes salvage through the city dump to find things that could be sold and clothes that someone could have thrown away by accident. He would take the things he found to the local pawn shop and try to sell it off. Kyle would then use the money to buy food from the fresh food from the local food stands. He found it better than stealing from the markets.

Kyle was afraid of going to the orphanage. Since all his important documents were lost when his house was blown up, they would not know who he was. So he decided to stay on the streets. All Kyle wanted was a place that he could call home. One day in January, it was freezing and Kyle was near the docks when he saw workers loading crates on a ship. He saw a large shipping container and Kyle saw that Fox and Cat dock workers were loading food into the container.

Kyle grabbed what he had and snuck over to the container, so he could grab what he could. He heard someone coming and hid behind a crate. Kyle then saw it was getting dark inside, then realized the container doors were closing. He then felt the container moving. Luckily, the food containers inside were strapped securely to the floor, so they couldn’t slide. Kyle ran to the door and started banging and yelling.

Kyle: “Is anyone out there? I’m trapped in here.” He yelled as he banged on the doors. “Can anyone hear me? Please!” He yelled, but no one heard him.

Kyle had no choice, but to wait inside a cold container for someone to open the doors and let him out. He heard the ships horn, knowing it was about to set out to sea. Kyle had heard a cat dock worker talking about the ship sailing out, but he didn’t know where it was going. All he could do was wait.
This story is dedicated to RaynalJacquemin 

The suits that the male animals wear in this story consist of a suit jacket, dress pants, dress shoes, long-sleeve white buttoned shirt, vest and tie.DeviantArt 

The Orphaned Wolf: Chapter 2


The Orphaned Wolf Characters

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